STEAM, Gender, and High School: Extension Actions in Partnership with Digital Girls Mato Grosso

With the aim of sharing actions and strategies to promote the STEAM and Gender agenda, this article reports on the formative experience stemming from the Extension Project “Career, Technologies, and Education: extension and research for gender equity,” linked to Digital Girls Mato Grosso. The actions related discussions on the underrepresentation of women in scientific and technological fields to the New High School, from the perspective of teachers in the state of Mato Grosso. The results indicate positive evaluations from the participants. Other beneficial consequences can be observed when assessing the effects on teaching practice, including the inclusion of STEAM and Gender topics in school contexts.

Waleska Gonçalves de Lima; Cristiano Maciel; Ana Lara Casagrande; Sabrina Bourscheid Sassi; Maria Fernanda Abalem Franca Nunes.

Reference (APA):
Lima, W., Maciel, C., Casagrande, A., Sassi, S., & Nunes, M. (2022). STEAM, Gênero e Ensino Médio: ações da extensão em parceria com o Meninas Digitais Mato Grosso. In Anais do XVI Women in Information Technology, (pp. 251-256). Porto Alegre: SBC. doi:10.5753/wit.2022.222927

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