Social Media Profiles for Girls and Women Interested in STEM and STEAM Fields

Gender stereotypes and low female representation are some of the aspects that hinder women’s interaction with STEM/STEAM topics. This paper presents a mapping of active profiles on the social media platform Instagram that address and support women’s issues in these areas. Forty-five profiles were identified through a search using descriptors, inclusion and exclusion criteria. It was observed that these profiles contribute to the integration of women in STEM/STEAM fields and reframe the field as a space for women.

Leihge Roselle Rondon Pereira; Karla de Souza e Silva; Eunice Pereira dos Santos Nunes; Cristiano Maciel.

References (APA):
Pereira, L., Souza e Silva, K., Nunes, E., & Maciel, C. (2022). Perfis em Mídia Social para Meninas e Mulheres com interesse na área STEM e STEAM. In Anais do XVI Women in Information Technology, (pp. 227-232). Porto Alegre: SBC. doi:10.5753/wit.2022.223162

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