Equality in Leadership for Latin America STEM

The Latin American Open Data for Gender Equality Policies Focusing on Leadership in STEM project, known by the acronym ELLAS (Equality in Leadership for Latin American STEM), aims to generate and utilize connected open data from Latin American countries useful for policies and initiatives aimed at reducing the gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), especially for gender equality in leadership in universities, industries, and public institutions. The project involves a large network of researchers from different countries, referred to as ELLAS.

Map the factors, stakeholders, and policies influencing the career development of women in STEM for data collection and analysis.

Build and implement an open data platform that integrates primary and secondary data on the career development of women in STEM.

Promote the use of open data on women in STEM leadership to increase public awareness of gender issues in STEM fields.

Provide recommendations to policymakers in Latin America to increase the number of women in STEM careers.

Latin American Open Data for Gender Equality Policies Focusing on Leadership in STEM

The Latin American Open Data for Gender Equality Policies Focusing on Leadership in STEM project (original name in English) emerges from a partnership between 8 institutions from 3 different countries: Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru. Today, our project involves over 60 people working together for a single purpose: to promote gender equality in STEM fields, with a focus on leadership. The project is known by the acronym ELLAS, the name of the international research network formed for its execution.
The project was initiated in 2022, with a duration of 36 months. More than 25 scientific publications have been generated, and this is just the beginning!

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ELLAS 4 is the special edition of Interfases

We are pleased to announce that the international research network ELLAS collaborated on the special edition (ELLAS 4) of the digital magazine Interfases, published by the University of Lima. This edition features extended versions of the research papers initially presented at the 2nd WELLAS, further enriching the discourse on gender equity in STEM. This edition includes articles in English (8), Portuguese (5), and Spanish (1), promoting inclusion through language as well.

In one word, what does the ELLAS Research Network represent to you?

The ELLAS team looks forward to a year full of achievements and success as we tackle new challenges and goals.

May this year be another significant step towards equity, diversity, leadership, and other objectives that reflect the commitment and dedication of each member of the ELLAS research network.

Support ELLAS – Come build a partnership with us!

Support ELLAS is the new page on the project’s website. It can be accessed through the main menu of this site. The page was created with the intention of being a means to disseminate current partnerships and also a channel for new institutions to join the project, providing all the information about the benefits and steps to start a collaboration with us.

Become a partner institution of the project, learn about all the benefits. Your participation can have a positive impact on gender equity in STEM!

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Want to learn more about the entire logo design process of the project? Access the section on the Project page, which is available through the About Us submenu in the main menu.
In this section, you will find an explanation of the elements that make up the flower and the colors chosen by the author, Miriã Barros. Additionally, you will also find an illustrative video about the project’s logo.

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