Promoting Gender Equity in STEAM Fields: Formative Experiences of the Digital Girls Project in Mato Grosso

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, or as commonly referred to in Basic Education, STEAM, with the inclusion of Arts, have been fostering gender equity. In this field, initiatives, programs, and projects aimed at promoting engagement and actions around this cause emerge. In the field of technology, several projects have been created since the inception of the Digital Girls Program. This research reports on the extension and research activities, involving undergraduate and graduate students, of the Digital Girls Project in Mato Grosso. The research adopts a qualitative approach with document analysis, covering the years 2020 and 2021, based on the experiences reported in the project’s formative activities. The findings highlight the relevance of research activities involving graduate students and the importance of training sessions with Basic Education teachers, expanding the project’s reach and interacting with this educational reform movement, which will also have implications for Higher Education.

Waleska Gonçalves de Lima; Sabrina Bourscheid Sassi; Maria Fernanda Abalem Franca Nunes Costa; Ana Lara Casagrande; Cristiano Maciel.

Reference (APA):
de Lima, W. G., Sassi, S. B., Costa, M. F. A. F., & Lara, A. (2022). Fomento à Equidade de Gênero nas Áreas STEAM: Experiências Formativas do Projeto Meninas Digitais de Mato Grosso.

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