Women in the Technology Course in Systems Analysis and Development: Entry, Persistence, Success, and Inclusive Policies.

The objective of this work is to understand the insertion of women in the computing course at IFMT São Vicente campus and to highlight the entry, persistence, and success over a twelve-year period, evaluating whether there has been an increase in the enrollment of female students, as well as to identify the internal policies and actions of the campus aimed at the retention of incoming students. The study is exploratory in nature, using qualitative data from course admissions and internal communications disseminated on the institution’s website, conducting a documentary analysis. The relevance of this study lies in the search for understanding the educational scenario from a pedagogical perspective within a framework of promoting women’s entry into STEM fields. The Technology course in Systems Analysis and Development – TADS, through this investigation, highlights a trajectory of greater pursuit by male students, as well as a significant number of women who drop out of the course. The results of this study point to the discrepancy between the academic success of male incoming students and the significant increase in the dropout rate among women. We engage with research that presents data supporting this phenomenon, such as Lima (2013), Madalozzo (2008), Glover (2002), and Marques (2007).

Silvia Diamantino Ferreira de Lima; Leihge Roselle Rondon Pereira; Cristiano Maciel.

References (APA):
LIMA, Silvia D. F. et. al. “Mulheres no curso de tecnologia em análise e desenvolvimento de sistemas: ingresso, permanência, êxito e políticas inclusivas.” Anais do SEMIEDU 2022 UFMT: (Trans) Ver a Vida pelas Lentes de uma Educação Cientifica, Sensível, Ética, Estética e Artística MT p. 500-511/2022.

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