How to Encourage STEM Education in Girls?: A Literature Review

Worldwide, women are underrepresented in STEM careers. This phenomenon is intriguing when there is an increasingly demanding job market for professionals in these disciplines. Factors such as gender stereotypes and lack of information about these careers negatively affect women’s interest and motivation in this area. The aim of this article is to conduct a literature review of the various initiatives aimed at encouraging STEM education in girls. Bootcamps, workshops, and serious games are the three most common types of initiatives. Of all these, serious games seem to have represented a more effective strategy thus far.

Kory Ponce; Nadia Rodriguez-Rodriguez; Franci Suni-Lopez

References (APA):
Ponce, K., Rodriguez-Rodriguez, N., & Suni-Lopez, F. (2023). ¿Cómo incentivar la educación STEM en niñas?: Una revisión de literatura. In Anais do XVII Women in Information Technology, (pp. 1-12). Porto Alegre: SBC. doi:10.5753/wit.2023.230542

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