What Are the Challenges Faced by Women in the Games Industry?

Despite the growing interest of women in games, they still represent a very low percentage of game developers. This work conducts a Systematic Literature Review with the aim of understanding the challenges women face in the games industry and what proposals have been made to promote more inclusive companies. The articles found show that gender stereotypes are still very present, affecting women’s entry and retention in the field. However, approaches involving not only hiring more women but also placing them in leadership positions and adopting gender-sensitive communication strategies have been discussed. The results can contribute to guiding future research on which approaches truly work or not.

Bárbara Moreira Drummond; Luciana Cardoso de Castro Salgado; José Viterbo.

References (APA):
Drummond, B., Salgado, L., & Viterbo, J. (2022). What Are the Challenges Faced by Women in the Games Industry?. In Anais do XVI Women in Information Technology, (pp. 167-178). Porto Alegre: SBC. doi:10.5753/wit.2022.223130

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