Proposal for a Serious Game to Reduce Stereotypes in STEM Careers

One of the main reasons for the low participation of women in STEM careers is the geek-nerd stereotype, which suggests that students and professionals in these areas can only be individuals with natural intelligence and no social skills. The main objective of this research is to propose a serious game that helps reduce these stereotypes in STEM careers. It was concluded that the MDA framework is the most suitable for the proposal. Unity is the right development engine due to its scalability and open nature. In addition to stereotypes, usability and engagement will be analyzed through a quasi-experimental design. It is hoped that the future implementation of this proposal will contribute to improving women’s participation in STEM careers by reducing the nerd and genius stereotypes associated with this area.

Alessandra M. Ortega-Arrieta; Guillermo A. Dávila.

References (APA):
Ortega-Arrieta, A., & Dávila, G. (2023). Propuesta de un Juego Serio para Reducir los Estereotipos en Carreras STEM. In Anais do XVII Women in Information Technology, (pp. 282-293). Porto Alegre: SBC. doi:10.5753/wit.2023.229866

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